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We believe, above all else, in the immediacy and excitement of vegetables just picked from the ground, 
fruit right from the branch, fish straight from the sea.  

In that way, we've stitched together a network of suppliers that we know personally and whose concerns are 
similar to our own.
We buy food from farmers who know their seeds and soil, ranchers who care about their animals, 
fish merchants who know the fisherman and are concerned about the sea.  

We believe in simple cooking and simple eating, honoring the season 
and honoring the people that grow, raise and harvest our food.

To them, we add the kitchen and waitstaff who care about the materials of their work, 
knowing that they'll take pride in the techniques and expertise they add.
We see farmers, cooks and service as an unbroken sequence.
 Land & Sea 

Sue Buxton
Santa Barbara Fish Company
Buckner Family Farm
Wisdom Natural Poultry
Sky Pilot Farm
Tender Belly
​Grama's Grass and Livestock
 Fruits & Vegetables 

Cure Organic Farm
Red Wagon Farm
Aspen Moon Farm
Oxford Gardens
Monroe Organic Farm
Toohey and Sons Organic Farm
Kiowa Farm
Munson Farm
Ela Family Farm
Morton's Orchard
Rancho Duranzo
First Fruit Farm
Black Cat Farm
Croft Family Farm
Minoru Farm
Switch Gears Farm
Hazel Dell Mushrooms
Rough and Ready Farm
Altius Farm
Esoterra Culinary
Boulder County Farmers Market
City Park Farmers Market

 Cheese & Dairy 

Haystack Mt. Goat Dairy
The Truffle Cheese Shop
Royal Crest Dairy

1109 ogden street denver colorado 80218 p. 303.246.7073

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