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p o t a g e r
1109 ogden street denver colorado 80218 p. 303.246.7073
dinner tuesday-saturday 5pm-9pm

"the times have become frenzied but within the haven of our home, 
the crescendo of a chopping knife on a board sings a song of solidarity, or serenity."
Potager opened its doors in 1997, 
started by Teri Rippeto and her Dad, Tom.  
This is their second restaurant together. The two of them
 have been business partners for over 20 years and 
have a great love for one another and the business of making food. 

In April of 2019, Teri and Tom sold the restaurant 
to the team that had been running the show for over a year:
Paul, Nik, and Eileen.
Their goal is to uphold the tradition and ideals of Potager.

v i s i o n
r e s t a u r a n t  &  w i n e  b a r
Potager means kitchen garden.  
We follow no style or school of cooking.  
We are not a French restaurant, 
although we serve dishes from this cuisine.  
We think, basically, 
the unifying theme is that of being immensely satisfying, 
locally sourced and seasonally driven.  
We serve really satisfying food and 
do whatever it takes to make it.  
We draw upon the season and what is grown locally.  
Our approach to food, cooking and service is exacting, 
yet our philosophy about the experience 
of gathering for a meal is relaxed and natural.  
It is crucially important that we do something 
we can feel really good about,