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restaurant and wine                                                                                                                beginning april 18

The word April comes from the Latin root aperire, 'to open'. This opening happens in the garden, in the woods, and in ourselves. Buds and birds burst into song and color, the earth steadily fills, and we emerge from our sleepy state. The tulips open, strawberry plants sprout little white flowers and the appearance of the first asparagus is just the beginning of a renaissance happening in our kitchen.

RED WAGON FARM SPINACH & SORREL SOUP with lemon-chive creme-fraiche $9

CHIVE & POTATO GNOCCHI with bacon, spinach, cured egg yolk, & garlic chips $17 

SUE'S BOUCHOT MUSSELS with red wagon farm green garlic, white wine, sorrel butter, crispy onions, & herb salad $16

SMOKED FINNAN HADDIE & CARAWAY TOAST with pickled green garlic, creme fraiche sauce, living local radish sprouts $16 

CURE FARM SPINACH HUMMUS with mint pesto, beet pickled eggs, olives, fried flatbread, sumac $14 

HOMINY & CHIVE RISOTTO with pancetta, spinach-pea shoot salad, pecorino romano $15

TWICE BAKED TARRAGON-CHEVRE SOUFFLE with mint-sunflower seed pesto, cure farm lettuces, tarragon vinaigrette $16 

SPRING MARKET CHOPPED SALAD with spinach, arugula, spring vegetables, sunflower seeds, feta, chives, lemon oil $14

CURE FARM SPRING LETTUCES with crispy onions, mint-chive dressing, st. nectaire cheese, baguette $15 

WARM RED WAGON FARM SPINACH SALAD with roasted mushrooms, soy-mustard dressing, crunchy tempura, sesame seeds, julienne carrots $14  

THIN CRUST PIZZA from the wood oven with marinated spinach, ricotta, green garlic, parmesan, & herb 
salad $17 

​SPRING VEGETABLE LASAGNA with green garlic bechamel, pea shoot salad $23

SPINACH FETTUCINE and red wagon farm green garlic, wilted spinach, herb pistou, aioli, parmesan $23 

TRIPLE M BAR LAMB SHOULDER & FATOUSH SALAD and spinach, lettuces, herbed labneh, olives, fried walking onions, feta, currants, fried chickpeas, lemon, olive oil $28 

PAN ROASTED ALASKAN HALIBUT and spinach-potato gratin, sorrel sauce, olive tapenade $30

MCCAULEY FAMILY FARM WOOD OVEN LEMON ROASTED CHICKEN and garlic honey, creamed spinach gratin, cheddar-chive biscuit, herb jus $28 

chef de cuisine: paul warthen
sous chef: nik brand
service staff manager: erin suiter
 wine buyer & assistant manager: eileen warthen & scott ericson
owner: teri rippeto

support local farmers. eat seasonally!
occasionally we run out of items on our menu.
please accept our apology should this occur. 
all our food is cooked to order, 
if you are in a rush,
please notify your server. 
please, for parties of 6 or more, 1 check with 20% gratuity. 
$1.50 split plate charge. $2 substitution charge

1 1 0 9 o g d e n . d e n v e r. 3 0 3 – 8 3 2 – 5 7 8 8 

p o t a g e r 
r e s t a u r a n t   &   w i n e  b a r