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restaurant and wine                                                                                                   beginning may 24
As we step into the season of early summer with its bounty, the farmers are working long, hot hours and the tasks seem endless. There's always something to be done, to be picked, to be weeded, watered & sold to us. It is never about the money and what we do at the restaurant is more than about food & wine. It is more, even, than honoring the food that they grow. It becomes a way of honoring the people. Our menus are ways to make & present the food they've grown, cared for, so that they would be proud to say that it was theirs. Honoring the life of a farmer, caring for the food of a farmer. 

KIOWA FARM ASPARAGUS SOUP with chive creme fraiche $9

​RICOTTA DUMPLINGS  with brown butter roasted morton's orchard cherries, sage and hazelnuts $15

SUE'S BOUCHOT MUSSELS and kimchi broth $16

GRILLED RED WAGON FARM SUGARSNAP PEAS and mint creme fraiche $12

ISABELLE FARM RADISH & HERB BUTTER TOAST and wood oven roasted radishes, lard honey, green garlic salt  $14

WOOD FIRED KIOWA FARM ASPARAGUS and sauce gribiche, olive tapenade toast $15

​SPINACH FETTUCINI and stonington peeky toe crab, lemon confit, garlic, olive oil, parmesan $20

​CHICKEN LIVER PATE and pickled radishes, pickled cherries, red wagon farm rhubarb mostarda $15

TWICE BAKED NETTLE-CHEVRE SOUFFLE with chilled spinach soup and cherries cooked with bacon $15

SPRING MARKET CHOPPED SALAD with puffed wild rice, sunflower seed, egg white $12 

ASPARAGUS SALSA AND FRESH MOZZARELLA lemon confit, capers, currants, pine nuts, tarragon, almonds, fennel $15 

THIN CRUST PIZZA from the wood oven with st. nectaire cheese, asparagus, mushrooms, herbs, lemon oil $17

MONKFISH ROASTED WITH RADISH BUTTER and emulsified sorrel sauce, whipped potatoes, shaved radish, almonds, currants, chive oil $30 

FRANK'S GRILLED GRASS FED BEEF STEAK with spring onion chimichurri and a vegetable salad $29 

CUMIN & CORIANDER ROASTED TRIPLE M BAR LAMB SHOULDER with a sorrel, spiring onion, potato gratin and a chopped vinaigrette of capers, kalamata olives, lemon, oregano, garlic, sugarsnap peas and olive oil $29 

WOOD OVEN ROASTED WHEY BRINED CHICKEN from corner post farm and spring panzanella with garlic-parmesan dressing $28

We will be closed for our summer break after service Saturday, June 30 through Tuesday, July 17. 
We will reopen Wednesday, July 18.

chef de cuisine: paul warthen
sous chef: colter grundemann
service staff manager: erin suiter
 wine buyer & assistant manager: eileen scala & scott ericson
owner: teri rippeto

support local farmers. eat seasonally!
occasionally we run out of items on our menu.
please accept our apology should this occur. 
all our food is cooked to order, 
if you are in a rush,
please notify your server. 
please, for parties of 6 or more, 1 check with 20% gratuity. 
$1.50 split plate charge. $2 substitution charge

1 1 0 9 o g d e n . d e n v e r. 3 0 3 – 8 3 2 – 5 7 8 8 

p o t a g e r 
r e s t a u r a n t   &   w i n e  b a r