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restaurant and wine beginning july 28


GRILLED ISABELLE FARM GREEN BEANS with togarashi and garlic aioli $12

GRILLED SQUID & CURE FARM CHERRY TOMATOES with capers, olives, shallots, basil, red wine vinaigrette $12

​SUE'S BOUCHOT MUSSELS with garlic, tomatoes, pepper stew, herbs, grilled bread $15

MUSON FARM SWEET CORN RAVIOLI with brown butter, lemon, mint, zucchini, pistachios, parsley $12

TWICE BAKED CORN & GOAT CHEESE SOUFFLE with a grilled morton's orchard peach, speck and basil oil $12

WHIPPED UGLY GOAT DAIRY FETA  and red wagon farm tomatoes, peaches, fried almonds, allepo honey and basil $10

FARMER'S MARKET TOMATO SALAD with fresh basil, olive oil and sea salt $10

ASPEN MOON FARM ZUCCHINI CARPACCIO with mint, parmesan toasted almonds, lemon juice and olive oil $9

​BRINED RED WAGON FARM BEETS and hazelnut hummus with basil $10

CURE FARM CUCUMBER SALAD: raw, pickled, grilled, puree, mint and ugly goat farm feta $9

THIN CRUST PIZZA from the wood oven, with peaches, roasted peppers, ugly goat dairy chèvre,  speck, basil and balsamic syrup $16

ROASTED ISABELLE FARM JAPANESE EGGPLANT with pepperonta, basil-pistachio puree, cashew cheese and fried capers $22

TAKU RIVER SALMON roasted with fennel, cucumber sauce, lemon cucumber-cherry tomato salad, red wine vinaigrette $29

TRIPLE M BAR LAMB SHOULDER with smoked eggplant puree, tomato-mint chutney, crispy potatoes and roasted garlic $29

TENDER BELLY PULLED PORK TACOS with grilled corn-tomato salsa, pickled lime butter, tomatoes, smoked onion, creme fraiche $29

WOOD OVEN HERB ROASTED EASTERN PLAINS CHICKEN and summer panzanella salad: tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, peppers, basil, bread, pine nuts, currants, and pan juices $25 (please allow 25 minutes)

executive chef & owner: teri rippeto. chef de cuisine: luke hendricks. sous chefs: stephen ohl, jenni middleton
service manager: kerry daugherty
assistant manager/wine buyer: anthony lygizos

support local farmers. eat seasonally!
occasionally we run out of items on our menu. please accept our apology should this occur. all our food is cooked to order, if you are in a rush, please notify you server. please, for parties of 6 or more, 1 check with 18% gratuity.  
no smoking. $1.50 split plate charge. $2 substitution charge.

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