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restaurant and wine                                                                                                beginning january 10

January is like the first page of a new journal, full of possibilities with the year open before us. The food this month is more contrived than summer with slow braises and roasting. Comfort food at its best, grounding, nurturing and warming. After the busy holiday season, January is the time for warm food, candles, blankets, stocking caps and rest.

FRENCH ONION SOUP GRATINEE with rosemary crouton, gruyere and parmesan

MONROE FARM SWEET POTATO-QUINOA FALAFEL and pickled turnip tzatziki, curry-lime creme fraiche $12

SUE'S BOUCHOT MUSSELS in dijon-sherry cream, roasted red wagon farm fingerling potatoes, thyme and garlic $15

WARM OLIVES AND POTATOES with onions and fried lemon

ASPEN MOON FARM RED FIFE WHEAT FLOUR CAVATELLI with olive tapenade, smoked sun-dried tomato, sweet potatoes and capers $15 

PORTER IRISH BREAD with winter pickles, aged cheddar and carrot marmalade $12 

TWICE BAKED HERB-CHEVRE SOUFFLE with winter chopped salad, orange-coriander vinaigrette $12

RED WAGON FARM CABBAGE SALAD with red grapefruit, cashews, sunflower seed, kafir dressing $10

CURE FARM BEETS & CITRUS SALAD with oranges, tangerines, red grapefruit, dates, pistachios, shaved onion, living local beet sprouts, citrus vinaigrette $12

THIN CRUST PIZZA from the wood oven with red wagon farm potatoes, mushrooms, marinated onion, thyme, rosemary, parmesan, mascarpone, lemon confit $16

SEARED MUSHROOM LASAGNA with ricotta cheese and bechamel $18

CAST IRON SEARED STONINGTON SCALLOPS in mushroom broth, sesame seeds, pickled shiitakes and potato-celery root puree $29

​PORTUGUESE SEAFOOD STEW with clams, white fish, mussels linguica, potato, chile-herb broth $29

CASSOULET layered white beans, smoked ham, lamb, garlic sausage, duck confit and a rich meat broth $29

CORNER POST PORK MILANESE and tonnato, coddled egg, sauerkraut and warm beets $29

BRAISED TRIPLE M BAR LAMB SHEPHERD'S PIE with root vegetables and horseradish $20

CORNER POST BEEF BRISKET and malted braise, onions, mushrooms, carrots, whole grain mustard gnocchi and horseradish cream $29

chef de cuisine: paul warthen
sous chef: stephen ohl
service staff manager: erin suiter
 wine buyer & assistant manager: eileen scala & scott ericson
owner: teri rippeto


support local farmers. eat seasonally!
occasionally we run out of items on our menu.
please accept our apology should this occur. 
all our food is cooked to order, 
if you are in a rush,
please notify your server. 
please, for parties of 6 or more, 1 check with 18% gratuity. 
$1.50 split plate charge. $2 substitution charge

1 1 0 9 o g d e n . d e n v e r. 3 0 3 – 8 3 2 – 5 7 8 8 

p o t a g e r 
r e s t a u r a n t   &   w i n e  b a r