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restaurant and wine                                                                                   beginning  may 18
"as gardens seem to be in a perpetual motion, always acting either for good or ill, according to the good or ill conduct of their master - so they seldom fail, either to recompense the diligent and ingenious, or severely punish the lazy and unskillful.  There is daily some new thing to be done, to sow, to plant, prune, palisade to see, plants grow, legumes embellish, trees blossom, fruit knitting, then thickening, coloring, ripening and at last, together.  -the compleat gard'ner 1701

RED WAGON FARM NETTLE AND SPINACH SOUP an herbalist named culpepper wrote in the 1800's, eating young nettles in the spring will boost your immune system for the whole year, warding off colds and flu $8
WOOD FIRED CURE FARM RADISHES with soft butter and sea salt $10
MAINE HALIBUT CRUDO with radish, chili rice puffs, pea shoots $15
PAN ROASTED KIOWA FARM ASPARAGUS with country ham, lemon confit, fava leaves, mint and rhubarb soffrito $13
PEEKYTOE CRAB & LEMON FRITTERS with aioli, red wagon farm arugula, radish salad $15
SUE'S BOUCHOT MUSSELS with homemade green curry, cilantro, parsley, coriander, spinach, garlic, spring onion chutney $15
COUNTRY PATE with pickled rhubarb, mustard and toast $10
GNOCCHI and chicken sugo, red wagon farm fava leaves, parmesan and spinach $12
HERB MARINATED TRIPLE M BAR LAMB CHOPS with sumac yogurt, mint, pine nuts $18
TWICE BAKED SORREL & GOAT CHEESE SOUFFLE with ugly goat dairy chevre, kiowa farm asparagus and lemon-mustard vinaigrette $12
FATTOUSH SALAD: spinach, radish, mint, green onions, asparagus, lemon juice and wheat berries $10
RED WAGON FARM SPINACH SALAD with ugly goat dairy feta, hazelnuts, radishes, castelvetrano olives and garlic-honey dressing $10
SPRING CHOPPED SALAD with radishes, asparagus, arugula, spinach, queso fresco, corn tortillas and oregano vinaigrette $10
THIN CRUST PIZZA from the wood oven, with grilled asparagus, proscuitto, garlic, mascarpone, lemon confit, mozzarella and arugula $16
PAN ROASTED AMBERJACK and asparagus emulsion, spring vegetable pesto, chili oil $29
CORN MEAL DUSTED TENDER BELLY PORK CHOP and rhubarb mostarda, goat cheese whipped potatoes, pickled asparagus $28
WOOD OVEN FIRED HIGH PLAINS LEMON CHICKEN and spring panzanella salad: toasted bread, arugula, radishes, parmesan, capers, olives, currants, mint, feta, pine nuts, lemon juice $25 (please allow 25 minutes)

  chef de cuisine: luke hendricks 
sous chefs: stephen ohl & jenni middleton
service staff manager: erin suiter
wine buyer & assistant manager: anthony lygizos
owner: teri rippeto

support local farmers. eat seasonally!
occasionally we run out of items on our menu.  please accept our apology should this occur. all our food is cooked to order, if you are in a rush, please notify you server. please, for parties of 6 or more, 1 check with 18% gratuity.  
no smoking. $1.50 split plate charge. $2 substitution charge.
1 1 0 9 o g d e n .       d e n v e r.        3 0 3 – 8 3 2 – 5 7 8 8 ​ 
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